Open new Server

L2 Essence version Vanguard L2 Essence version Vanguard Open new Server:  – Time to open 9:00 – 25/06/2022 GMT+7  – Rate Exp/Sp x7  – Rate Adena x1  – Drop/Spoil x1  – 2 Acc/1 PC Feature: Dye Hidden Power Working. Collections Working. TVT and Freya Boss Daily. Rate Activate for Debuff. Pet working. Shared Postition working. […]


Hello everyone, Skylog team would like to announce the time of TvT and epic boss raid in everyday. TvT event will start at 8:00 PM Team with higher pvp point will get 50 medal and other 30 medal Freya raid event Start at 9:00 PMAll participants will get 50 medal + rare items for frost […]

New event : The Frozen Canyon

It’s calendar summer outside the window, but winter is coming back to Elmoreden. And it’s particularly bitterly cold at Frozen Canyon. If you like extreme winter activities and hunting high-level monsters, then you should definitely go there. In this new session zone crystals drop, which can be exchanged for various valuable items. And to avoid […]

Welcome ladies and Gentlemans to SkyLog

Lineage2 is a MMORPG from NCSoft and has a solid reputation, stands out for the stable quality of games created in all genres. However, the beginning of its popularity is due to the “Lineage” branch, the first part of which is still incredibly popular in Korea, while the second part keeps fans both in the […]

How to connect:

1. Full Client Game ( Please download full client !) Client Vanguard – You could reuse client from l2 essence EU URL Download : Backup URL pass l2skylog:!AgHAGVIVHpCnk3qqJsCy9s6nQjhZuXd9Kn3_Xk24qh5xCS12mntczZwd4IL4Tt1Q8iZ5zlOH7Na_YjidK0XrKNozSOTghyYwEFeTCugouaSda_A-GuXH4EXvsqUwlzkVxrQAqYtOBZI System Folder (Please update the system folder after download): How to Run:Enter folder system/ right click l2.exe run as administrator and enjoy. ( The […]