Lineage2 is a MMORPG from NCSoft and has a solid reputation, stands out for the stable quality of games created in all genres. However, the beginning of its popularity is due to the “Lineage” branch, the first part of which is still incredibly popular in Korea, while the second part keeps fans both in the CIS and in the West. The reasons for the popularity of the “Line” were:

✔Extreme simplicity and convenience of the gameplay. Even a novice user can play L2. Third-person or first-person control is available, and the keyboard and mouse will be enough for the game.
✔Absolute freedom in battles. In L2, there are no divisions into fractions, so you can kill anyone you want and can. However, it is worth considering that vandalize will not work, and anything have is prices you must pay 
✔ Amazing scope of battles. The value of bosses and castles is so huge that hundreds of players are ready to face each other in the battle for them, creating many sides that will make the battle even more exciting.
✔public Access. Despite the good quality, the game in Lineage can afford the owners of all computers. Enough loyal system requirements will allow you to enjoy the game to the full.

Currently our world have 100-150 player and continue raise quickly,

Here you will find many elements that are now lost in the genre. Exciting gameplay with challenging experience. The economy controlled by players, as well as hot battles between clans and alliances are already waiting for you in the world of L2SkyLog. Find out what you are really capable of!

Game info:

Client Lineage 2 essence vanguard

Exp/SP : x7

Adena drop: x1

Spoilrate : x1

Lcoin drop from mob lvl 40+

Have teleportation to many location (with adena fee)

Have Amor and Weapon shop for Grade D -> A , Pet, Rec A – S, Agthions,  Accessories by Adena.


Max Enchant : +16 (Safe +3)

Raid Boss Drop : x1 (75+ boss have high chance drop for Weapon and Amor)

Quest Reward : Some have  modified to be better for players

Siege Fortress, Castle : All Castle open for siege


Maximum Client per PC: 2

Skills are auto learned

Auto app (such as L2net): allowed (Support those whose busy with real-life work and family care)

Collections working.

Share position working.

Pets system working.

Custom fashion system (Dressme)

OLYMPIAD period : Using ASEAN Common Time UTC+7 (We know it hard for some of player want to participated in this, will try to find way to resolve this)