How to connect:

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1. Full Client Game ( Please download full client !)

Client Vanguard – You could reuse client from l2 essence EU

URL Download :

Backup URL pass l2skylog:!AgHAGVIVHpCnk3qqJsCy9s6nQjhZuXd9Kn3_Xk24qh5xCS12mntczZwd4IL4Tt1Q8iZ5zlOH7Na_YjidK0XrKNozSOTghyYwEFeTCugouaSda_A-GuXH4EXvsqUwlzkVxrQAqYtOBZI

System Folder (Please update the system folder after download):

How to Run:
Enter folder system/ right click l2.exe run as administrator and enjoy. ( The laucher using common lib donet for win 7 -> 10).