New event : The Frozen Canyon

Frozen Canyon

It’s calendar summer outside the window, but winter is coming back to Elmoreden. And it’s particularly bitterly cold at Frozen Canyon. If you like extreme winter activities and hunting high-level monsters, then you should definitely go there. In this new session zone crystals drop, which can be exchanged for various valuable items. And to avoid freezing to death while searching for crystals, an Eskimo Outfit will help!

Event Duration

  • Event Duration (4 weeks): until July 6 (10:00 UTC +3) 

How to get to the zone

  • During the event, you can visit the Special Zone – Frozen Canyon.
  • The entrance is available from the window of the special hunting zones. Other players can enter the zone as well.
  • PvP in the zone is not available.
NameCycleLevelTime insideEntrance price
Frozen CanyonDaily
(reset at 6:30 AM)
65 and above60 minutes daily
(extension is not available)
 200 000


  • Immediately after entering Frozen Canyon, you meet NPC Yeti.
  • From him you can teleport to different parts of the canyon.
  • When you hunt monsters, a debuff “Chills” will be applied to your character.

(Lv. 1) ChillsThe character shivers with cold.
Speed -30
Atk. Spd. -30
Casting Spd. -30
Received damage +10%

Eskimo Transformation

  • To avoid getting the debuff, contact the Yeti at the entrance of the canyon and get the protective buff “Eskimo Transformation“.
  • The buff lasts for 1 hour and remains after the character’s death.

(Lv. 1) Eskimo Transformation A outfit that perfectly protects from the cold.
It will prevent you from being chilled to the bone in the Frozen Canyon.

Frozen Canyon

  • The session zone is divided into two parts.
  • It is possible to teleport to each part from the Yeti.
Monster with titleLevelMonsters
70 and aboveRegular monsters;Monster with titles: Ice Golem.
80 and aboveRegular monsters;Monster with title: Ice Wizard.

Frost Crystal

  • While hunting monsters in the canyon you will receive a special item: Frost Crystal (directly into your inventory). The chance of getting it from monsters with a title is higher.
  • Crystal is needed in the Forge of the Special Craft and for completing collections.


Frost Crystal EventA crystal found in the Frozen Canyon.

<How to use>
Add to a collection to boost your stats.
Exchange for Frozen Treasure Chest through the Special Craft.

  • From the zone monsters, you can also get raw materials for random craft and Adena.

Daily Mission

  • During the Event, all characters of level 65 and above have access to a daily mission.
  • The mission can be completed by each character of the account.

Ephemeral Frozen Canyon
Kill 50 monsters inside the Frozen CanyonType: daily
Reset: 6:30 AM
Level: 65 and above
Additional features: none
 Frost Crystal— 100 pcs.  

Special Craft

  • Craft duration: until July 6 (4 weeks).
  • A maximum number of craft attempts: 100 per click.
CategoryCraftable item and craft chanceCraft attempt price
Frozen Canyon Frozen Treasure Chest — 1 pc. (100%)Frost Crystal — 50 pcs.+20 000 Adena

Frozen Treasure Chest

  • You can get rare items and useful supplies from the chest obtained in the Craft Forge.
  • Follow the links in the item names to see their descriptions.

When opening the box, you will receive one of the following items with a certain chance

Aden’s Soul Crystal Lv. 15 – Weapon

Aden’s Soul Crystal Lv. 12 – Weapon

Aden’s Soul Crystal Lv. 7 – Weapon

Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Sealed

Improved Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Sealed

Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Sealed

Cursed Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Sealed

Artisan’s Scroll: Enchant Ring of Insolence Sealed

Artisan’s Scroll: Enchant Dragon Valley’s Earring Sealed

Artisan’s Scroll: Enchant Talisman of Aden Sealed

Scroll: Enchant A-grade Weapon Sealed

Scroll: Enchant B-grade Weapon Sealed

Charging Stone of Regular Craft – 1 Charge (Time-limited) Sealed

Scroll: Enchant A-grade Armor Sealed

Scroll: Enchant B-grade Armor Sealed

Sayha’s Storm Lv. 3 (Time-limited) Sealed

XP Growth Scroll (Time-limited) Sealed

Scroll: Boost Attack (Time-limited) Sealed

Scroll: Boost Defense (Time-limited) Sealed

Sayha’s Cookie (Time-limited) Sealed

Soulshot Ticket Sealed

Spirit Ore Sealed

Event collections

  • You can complete a collection during the event. 
  • You will have the UI Collections.
CategoryNameCollection effectRequired Items
Event    Freezing Feet
P./M. Def. +50
 Frost Crystal — 200 pcs.